Leasing with us!

A lease is a great way to jump into your dream Aquarium and avoid the upfront cost of purchasing  your whole setup at once.

An Aquatic Realmz lease includes everything; from fish to filters, as well as bi-weekly Aquarium Maintenance. 


We work individually with clients to tailor their lease aquarium(s), saltwater or fresh, to their specific needs and preferences.   

If you don't know where to start, we have designated Aquatic Realmz Preferred Lease Packages that incorporate premium wood cabinetry and a hood canopy with equipment, from 65 to 125 gallon sizes.


We offer the option to Lease-and-Return, or Lease-to-Own your Aquarium.   

Contact us today for more information!

(Pictured above is our 125 gallon Preferred Lease Aquarium).