Enjoy your outdoor aquatic environment hassle free this season. 


We are your complete pond maintenance provider for southeastern Wisconsin, providing experienced services to any ornamental pond.

Spring Cleaning

Winter rough on your pond?

Let us help you get the pond season started the right way! 


Our experienced service professionals provide the proper clean out of your pond to ensure a successful and beautiful pond all season long. 


Seasonal Maintenance 

Keeping your pond clean has never been easier! 


Once a month our experienced service professionals will come out to your home and provide a full-service cleaning on your pond. 


We help you make knowledgeable decisions on supplements and treatments to keep your pond environment happier and healthier than ever! 


*Seasonal maintenance clients enjoy a 10% discount on ALL livestock and plants!


Fall Takedown 

Now that you have had time to enjoy your pond throughout the season, it's time to take it down in preparation for those cold winter months. 


Our experienced service professionals provide a deep cleaning with the appropriate products to ensure that your pond stays healthy during the freezing temperatures. 






Let us do the work for you!

Find out how today.

It is highly recommended to schedule a consultation for any new clients who would like to use our services.