Aquarium Leasing

Aquatic Realmz NOW OFFERS aquarium leasing!


This is a great way to bring live aquatic environments into your office without the upfront costs of purchasing and maintaining an aquarium.

Our leasing option automatically includes tank maintenance so that you or your employees don't spend any valuable time worrying about the operation of the tank!

Standard Equipment includes:
  • Free aquarium setup

  • Aquarium glass tank & wooden stand & canopy

  • Fish & other invertebrates

  • Decorations (rotated on a seasonal basis)

  • Bi-weekly cleaning of tank (water changes/ water quality testing/ supplements & additives)

  • Automatic feeder

  • Heater & filter (filter changes standard on a monthly basis)

  • Saltwater (if choosing a saltwater option)

  • Click to see pictures of our standard freshwater  lease set-ups!