Aquarium Maintenance

We ensure the end results are always the tank of your dreams!



Keep your aquatic environment healthy & beautiful with our quality aquarium

maintenance services.


Our staff and service professionals specialize in monitoring all aspects of your aquarium, providing customized, on-going maintenance service to our clients on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule.

We are here to ensure that your aquarium is running at it's absolute best!

At each visit our service person will:

  • Clean the tank glass and decorations

  • Perform maintenance on equipment

  • Perform water quality tests

  • Make appropriate water changes

  • Check-up on the health of fish & other aquatic invertebrates

  • Answer any questions you may have regarding your aquarium. 

Aquarium Setup
and Delivery 

Aquatic Realmz is partnered with Aquatics Unlimited making us your one stop shop for all your aquatic needs!  


Our clients are able to hand pick all aspects of their new aquarium at our storefront, we provide the delivery to your home or office, and our service professionals install and setup your brand new aquarium! 


From concept to finished product, we are here every step of the way. 





Aquarium Design

Aquatic Realmz is the number one choice for all of your custom aquarium needs.


Having fostered relationships with many high profile tank manufacturers over the years, Aquatic Realmz can ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.


From the first idea to the final fish addition, we have you covered!


Aquatic Realmz will walk you through every step of the process and handle all of the details.



210 Gallon Custom Stand & Canopy
210 Gallon Custom Stand & Canopy

350 Gallon Stairwell Aquarium
350 Gallon Stairwell Aquarium